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Five forms of training that enable you...

Thu, 2016-01-21 21:44

Five forms of training that enable you to achieve your goals
1. Group classesThe most common form of training is the attendance of group classes. Going step by step through our student and later advanced  programs, we work through interconnected exercise groups. From the aspect of self-defense, to a level of self-discovery it leads many to the deeper studies of the martial ART of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.Different training partners make up the value of the group class experience. You will work in a cooperative and non-cooperative environment. You will deal with taller, shorter, heavier, stronger, weaker, more experienced training partners. You learn to express yourself. To say what you need to exercise, to speak up, and build a healthy level of confidence. Improve your posture. Become aware of your surroundings among many other benefits.
2. Private classesIn private training your local Sifu is typically working on your personalized training goals. I focus very much on our specific Chi-Sau exercise methods that allow you to transform any level of physical strength into functional strength, while improving properties like distance, timing, balance, mobility and more. I will push you past limits you thought you won’t even be able to touch.
3. Seminar trainingIn typically 6+ hours of intensive seminars we go in a very unique atmosphere through a whole complex of connected topics, to review past training and set the course for the next months of training.
4. Meetups with training partnersOutside of group-, private- and seminar training you can meet up with like-minded training partners, compare notes, discuss past classes, dissect the issues behind exercises and help each other to improve. Exchange different viewpoints. Listen to each other.
5. Solo trainingMake a plan. Print it out. Hang it up. Make yourself accountable. Set a weekly plan for your own solo training. It can even be mere minutes a day, five minutes here, three minutes there.Even Chi-Sau exercises can be trained one-sided, kind of a shadow boxing, imagining the other half of the exercises. Include targeted and specialized strength of fitness training.
All five forms of training are important to your personal progress. We all lead busy lives, are consumed by a massive workload, attempt a balanced family life, get overwhelmed by information overload and the possibilities of social media connections.
Unless you work six days a week, 16 hours a day, there will always be some time.
One of our members works late, almost every single evening. He still comes to group classes, even if there is only half an hour left. Many others would just go home and be lazy. Edmond is my hero. And he is married. It is possible.
Another one works, is married, has a child, on top teaches another hobby of his, Salsa dancing, AND comes to Wing Tsun classes when possible. He made it due to his steady commitment even into the advanced team of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver.Even I don’t know how Sebastian does it. But he does. It is possible! No excuses.

In pain, can’t train?Sixty-two year old Ilse,...

Thu, 2016-01-21 21:42

In pain, can’t train?Sixty-two year old Ilse, plus 3 other examples tell you to do something. Don’t wait for the perfect day.
Chances are that you will encounter a pulled muscle, have a prior injurie acting up, a bit of old age creeping up at you with aching bones. The sore shoulder from the last game, the lower back troubles from the office, and the list could go on indefinitely.
Too often we take the easy way out and might say something like: “I will be back in a few weeks, once I feel better.” Whatever that feeling better part means. After a few weeks out, the next excuses begin to pile up. One after another.
Who said ever, that everything has to be perfect to resume training? Oh yes, I remember now, the pain. Just a few more weeks and you’ll be back.
Example 1One of my instructors got a call from a prospect, seemingly asking the routine questions. He then asked if anyone will be accepted in the school. My Si-hing cautiously replied in a positive manner that this is the case unless someone has a controversial criminal past. The prospect continued now to ask about the location of the school, if it is on street level, if the doors are wide. It turns out that the prospect was wheelchair bound. He soon joined the school and trained for several years.
Example 2Imagine, due to an accident you lose one arm, from the elbow on. Even with an artificial limb, with a prosthesis, that would pretty much be it. Right? Makes no sense to pick up training. How?Well, you are wrong. At the Wing Tsun trainer academy in Germany I worked with a training partner, who was under those circumstances preparing for his instructor test!
Example 3Late 1991, Ilse came during an open house event to one of my schools in Berlin. She was fiercely committed to starting her training. Two points to begin with, she said: “I am 62, I have a heart condition, but my doctor said that moderate training is absolutely OK.” A much younger participant asked her if she isn’t afraid that something might happen to her? She smiled and replied: “Oh you young spring chicken; there will always be something. You are past 30 and you start hurting here and there. You can either whine and complain and come up with one excuse after another, or pull yourself together and do something. Today!” She continued saying: “Your shoulder hurts? Your knee is tweaked? Boohoo. Work around it. Ask your trainer for the right exercises. Just don’t be a loser. One day you might hopefully be 62 and will be full of regrets, having waited for that perfect day. It’s not going to happen.”
Example 4A young man has a horrible car accident. Then for 12 days in a coma. Painful recovery. End result, he is severely disabled. What does he do? He STARTS his Wing Tsun training. Constant pain, tears. Training the forward step, trying not to fall over. Doing a Tan Sau & punch, being in agony just lifting his arms. Feeling sick. Depressed at times.What would you do? Even think about starting?Did he pass a few token student grades?No, he continued to train, year in, year out. He is now a WingTsun master! The only disabled Kung Fu master with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.
Now, complain again that your foot hurts, or the shoulder doesn’t feel right. In a wheelchair, with a prosthesis, with a heart condition, severely disabled; the only thing those four people didn’t do, was making excuses.
It is your decision.
Substitute Wing Tsun for bowling, basketball, fitness training, hiking, swimming, … anything!
Do something.
Yesterday you said tomorrow!
Years ago I wrote a post with the title “To Kung Fu or not Kung Fu! - Should I train with injuries?