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The story of Si-hing Leo, an Olympic...

Sun, 2014-06-22 18:16

The story of Si-hing Leo, an Olympic weight set and a WingTsun lesson from his Si-Fu
Today I read a couple of Tweets (see below) by my Si-Fu in regard to returning to some of his weight training routines. 1. Heavy weight training used to be an integral part of the regular training of many WT instructors. Being loose and relaxed is one thing, unfortunately often misinterpreted. I have personally met (non-WT) instructors who go as far as to forbid their students to even touch weights, because it would make them too tense. This is an outright invitation to just being plain weak. Often did I experience them either brittle or in the end again stiff, for lack of real power.
Some of my younger students recently asked: “Okay, your Si-Fu is 69 years old. No disrespect, but what can he do at this age?” I know, when you are around 19 or 20, any age past 30 seems, well very old. So, I gave them an answer from a recent Facebook message exchange with one of my Sihings in Germany, someone who is very strong and with WT for a long, long time. Here is what he said: “Of course, 20 years ago Si-Fu was stronger, could have lifted more weight, BUT today he can strike more powerful than ever. You want to look around and find the horse that just kicked you out of nowhere.” … and this at 69 years of age.
But back to the old story. My Si-hing Leo arrived at the Langenzell castle, back then the ‘WT-Castle’. Si-Fu was so excited to show Leo a new shiny toy, an Olympic weight training bench. Naturally he challenged Leo to bench-pressing 100 kg. Leo did a set of 10 clean reps. Si-Fu on the other hand did one set of 20 reps.Now came Leo’s mistake. He said: “Si-Fu, you are 10 years younger. So, for every year you did one extra rep, which means that the bench-press contest is a draw.”
Moments later Leo began to see the error of his ways. The private lessons started, … and Leo’s Wu-Sau was “too low”, the Bong-Sau came “too late”, … you get the idea. So did he. By the way, Leo was a former professional boxer, so having a bloody nose and lips was the most normal to him.He went to the washroom, cleaned up the blood, used his high-percentage mint-oil on the wounds, put some tissue into the nose and returned to his WT lesson.Si-hing Leo said that everyone could always ‘smell him’ at the castle, since he used the mint oil very often.
Which reminds me now of another story ….
Leo was well-off and as a former boxer used to smile a bit at some of the martial arts. He visited this Chinese Wing Tsun Kung Fu open house event and met for the first time Mr. Keith R. Kernspecht. Leo was very suspect of those weird rolling arms, the funny form training stance. But he saw this European Chief-Instructor hit some guys pretty hard. Leo told me: “Well, I thought I might as well check it out with the boss personally. Go for a round or two …”
Again, from his boxer perspective Leo was half-joking, half he meant it. “I told this Mr. Kernspecht, if he could knock me out, I will sign up and become a WT instructor.”
To make a long story short; within a minute he was knocked out three times, he asked what the whole job education costs, wrote a cheque for the full sum, and Mr. Kernspecht became his Si-Fu.
And I remember another old story, but maybe another night, another story.
Train hard and have fun!