Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Las Vegas Kung Fu School

Head Instructor: Bradley Temple

Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Las Vegas Kung Fu School
Website: Las Vegas Wing Chun Kung Fu School
Address: 3120 S. Valley View Blvd. Suite C
City: Las Vegas
State/Province: NV
Zip: NV 89102
Country: US
Phone: 1-702) 768-1201
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- FREE Introductory Lesson (drop by or call) - NO Long Term Contracts - Friendly and Supportive Learning Environment - AUTHENTIC Yip Man Wing Chun - Over 10 years in Las Vegas, Nevada

Wing Chun, as taught by Lo Man Kam, emphasizes mastering the details to form a solid foundation, and then building upon that base. As such, we teach at a very slow pace, focusing purely on the form for the first month of training. A dedicated student may reach pair work at the end of that time, though most students may take two or more months. However, most of Sifu Lo's students who are now teaching have adapted drills to complement form training.

In this Las Vegas Kung Fu class, students progress through several stages. Unlike belt and other ranking systems, these stages do not represent sequential milestones delineated by a required knowledge of specific techniques; rather, they are merely aspects of training that overlap throughout a student's development. A dedicated and intelligent student who came to all available classes could finish the basic curriculum in about 6 months. This does not mean that training is complete, as it is only through continual practice that one can refine and perfect their martial skills.

Last updated: Jul 7, 2011

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