Yong Chun Quan

Yong Chun Quan

Head Instructor: John Lapham 梁云

Website: Yong Chun Quan (NSWC Portal)

Phone: 206.383.5701

Address 1:

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City: Seattle

State/Provience: WA

Country: US

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This is not currently a formal school. I may be available for private lessons, or providing teaching support at the North Seattle Wing Chun School. For questions and comments, don't hesitate to contact. I prefer to teach a relatively classical version of the art. I imply 'relativity' because I'm not sure Wing Chun ever had a legitimately classical form, as it has a considerably short history and has undergone much change. My goal is to take what I have learned physically and apply that to a strict observense of Wing Chun's core philosophical tenets, and basic tactical principles, and teach via a thorough understanding of tried and true drills, with some creative freedom thrown in. I am not interested in formality, and students are welcome to call me what they wish. I grew up in a kung fu family, and hope to cultivate that feeling in my own classes. Students are progressed through the system at their own rate. There is no extra charge to learn forms, or to arrive at some particular level in the art.