Review of Austin Goh's Butterfly Knives Form DVD

Posted By : coldcat78
Date: May 18, 2016

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Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: February 10, 2010
DVD Bought on: Everything Wing Chun and is also available for download on Everything Wing Chun Instant Access

Technical Specifications:

Title: Austin Goh, Butterfly Knives Form
Format: PAL DVD-R
Region: Region 0
Number of discs: 1
Length: 29:35
Rating: 2 Stars out of 5
DVD Release Date: 27 Nov 2006

What It’s About:

This DVD provides basic instruction in the 108 “Butterfly Knives Form” of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System.


This DVD presents the basic movements of the “Butterfly knives Form” or Butterfly swords of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. The form is performed by Sifu Goh, in a more or less continuous form style. Critical movements and their Cantonese terminology are presented in titled frames, before each performance. These Chinese or Cantonese terms are given in Pin Yin and English. If you are unfamiliar with the terms in Wing Chun Kung Fu or with the sword form specifically, this will be an excellent DVD, to learn the Chinese terminology correctly. This would be a great learning aid and definite help if you plan on traveling aboard to learn Kung Fu at a Chinese School.

If you find it difficult to follow along in a DVD presenting forms in solo fashion, you’ll find this presentation helpful because Sifu Goh, demonstrates the “Butterfly Knives Forms” numerous times, so the viewer will have ample opportunity to learn the specific sequences within a continuous style without interruptions.

Content Over View: Austin Goh, Butterfly Knives forms


    • Historical attributes-Wing Chun’s most Secret Form-
    • Taught only to a select few or privileged disciples.

Demonstration – Basic Knives Movements

    • Hoi Tao
    • Bil Tao
    • Quan Tao
    • Lok Ma
    • Sou Tao
    • Kang Tao
    • Siong Ma

Butterfly Knives form Demonstration: One

    • Sifu Goh, performs the 108 movments

The Ten Sections of the Butterfly Knives Forms

    • Section one : Hoi, Opening
    • Section two: Bil Tao, Knives Piercing
    • Section three: Tan Sau Tao, Opening Hands Knives
    • Section four: Kang Tao, Double Knives Form
    • Section five: Quan Tao, Low Block Knives
    • Section six: Kuan Tao, Pole Knives Form
    • Section seven: Fat Sao, Upper Stick Form
    • Section eight: Bao Chiam Tao, Elbow Knives
    • Section Nine: Wu Tip Tao, Butterfly Knives Forms
    • Section Ten: Sao Tao Finishing of Knives Form

Advice From Sifu Asutin Goh

    • Short narrative: The purpose of training with the Butterfly Knives

Demonstration of the Butterfly Knives form – Two, 108 movements
Demonstration of the Butterfly Knives form – Three, 108 movements