Review of Austin Goh's Training with the Master DVD

Posted By : coldcat78
Date: May 18, 2016

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Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: February 10, 2010
DVD Bought on: Everything Wing Chun and is also available for download on Everything Wing Chun Instant Access

Technical Specifications:

Title: Austin Goh, Training with the Master
Format: PAL DVD-R
Language: English
Region: All
Number of discs: 1
Length: 35:29
DVD Release Date: 29 Jan 2007

What It’s About:

Sifu Austin Goh, presents a complete training class for martial artists of all levels. This DVD includes basic stretching, kick forms, sparring techniques, applications, breathing exercises and chi sao.


If you were to go to England and worked out at Sifu Goh’s, studio or Koon, the kind of training which you would encounter is best shown in this DVD. This production is done in sort of a hand held camera style to give one the feeling “that you are there” with lots of moving frames and at times problems with the sound, at least in the copy that I have. But pictures are worth a thousand words, so in a movie your eyes and internal auditory dialogue have lots to feast on…given the production style of this DVD, you’ll see how intense Sifu Goh, makes his students work!

In viewing this DVD, one can understand the basics which are required in learning the fundaments in developing good practical conditioning and the building of a sound foundation in Wing Chun Training. The DVD starts off with the basics in doing stretching exercises that are so essential to prevent common injuries in beginning one’s practice; in fact you get the feel that you could work out right along with the class. This DVD has that kind of earthy feel about it…or maybe, I should say sweaty.

An introduction to basic training techniques are shown and easy to do at home, that is if you don’t live in a flat or apartment and stomping on the floor wouldn’t have a disastrous effect on your neighbors who might live below you. If you want to learn the basic techniques for developing power and conditioning this DVD has it too.

But, I’m sure that what you’re most interested in is Wing Chun and it’s applications…you will have the opportunity to watch Sifu Goh, do a Bong Sao block with a Lop Sao back fist technique that looks so powerful as the hands crack together…and it’s quite powerful as you watch it!
But don’t try to do this technique with anyone at home who hasn’t had the proper preparation for it. You could indeed, break the person’s face! Wing Chun or any Kung Fu that I know isn’t for the weak.

However, that doesn’t mean that the meek couldn’t benefit from such practice. Understanding Wing Chun principles, basic structure and techniques certainly can make one’s mild manner or small stature as quite formidable against someone that thinks their size or strength is all they need. This DVD will truly give one a sense of how to get there! If you want to learn what practicing Wing Chun is about and you’re not worried about watching a DVD that has a few technical flaws in it, then this production will at least give you that if you’re capable.

Content Over View: Austin Goh, “Training with the Master”


    • What training in Wing Chun is about and what the beginner can expect.

Basic Stretching

    • Standing and ground work exercises
    • Sitting postures
    • Kicking Sequences

Basic Training Exercise in Wing Chun

    • Fundamental hand and movement techniques
    • Punching and kicking techniques

Strength and Power Training

    • Sit up conditioning
    • Chao Sao—toughing of the arms
    • Leg Toughing exercises
    • Legs and balancing

Wing Chun Applications

    • Bong Sao Techniques
    • Lap Sao Techniques
    • Leg blocks and kicking
      • Side kicks, Front or forward kicking
    • Chin Na and pressure points
    • Defenses against kicks

Demonstration of Attacking and Defense Techniques

    • Blocking and kicking demonstration

Demonstration of Chi Sao applications

    • Wing Chun Sparring

Forms Training

    • Why it’s important
      • Si Lum Tao
        • Ma Bo – Basic Hands
        • Kicking Form
          • Sixteen Movements
        • Chuim Ku
          • Bridging the Gap
        • Bil Jee
          • Flying fingers

Power training

    • Using Padded hands and punching
    • Kicking- using padded equipment in Kicking drills
    • One hand and One finger pushups