Review of Austin Goh's Wing Chun Basic Combat DVD

Posted By : coldcat78
Date: May 18, 2016

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Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: February 8, 2011
DVD Bought on: Everything Wing Chun and is also available for download on Everything Wing Chun Instant Access

Technical Specifications:

Title: Austin Goh, Wing Chun Combat Basics
Format: PAL DVD-R
Language: English
Region: All Regions
Number of discs: 1
Length: 40:15 Minutes
DVD Release Date: 27 Sep 2004
Rating: 3 stars out of five

What’s it about:

This DVD provides basic training drills and combat techniques for free fight sparring. Conditioning methods are presented to learn how power and accuracy can be achieved for the arms and legs. Demonstrations are given to show individual attack and defensive situations, as well as multiple attach scenarios.


This is a good basic training DVD if you’re unfamiliar on how to condition yourself for combat or sparring situations. The DVD provides enough material to develop one’s own combat training routine. Various training drills are shown using training equipment for the development of speed and power that can be practiced with a partner.

There is some redundancy in this DVD from the previous ones, but that’s okay…review is always nice; it doesn’t hurt to practice what you have previously learned. Conditioning, is an all important function…simply put, if you’re out of shape and you run out of air…you’re certainly domed, no matter how good you think you are.

Cardiovascular training is important in any martial art or fight that is long in duration. However, Wing Chun is designed to take care of business quickly. Most Kung Fu is setup that way. Long drawn out fights are only in the movies. This DVD also shows combat Chi Sao with hands and legs with the use of protective gloves, but with no chest protection, leg or shin protection. For the purest, this is a no-no. The gloves, however, cut down on the sensitivity of the hands and chest equipment may reduce your mobility, but in this age of legality…particularly for a teacher…safety is so important!

Some schools, if there taught in the traditional sense, you would be doing forms and basic stuff for a number of years, before you start sparring…but, those days are gone for most who want to train that way…Westerners generally want it right now! Instant results, with quick promotions and personal recognition, seems to be the goal…there are lots of schools in business that cater to that crowd. Money, is usually the motivator for these kinds of schools and teach every Chinese martial art under the sun, with very little understanding or appreciation for any particular system. Wing Chun, Tai chi and other Chinese systems of martial arts are unique…so choose your Wing Chun Sifu wisely!

Again this DVD presents a lot of excellent basic stuff, if that’s what you’re looking for, however, if you’re interested in learning more advance strategic fighting forms and techniques, you won’t find it here. Sifu Goh, does say production is in development for a DVD on advanced combat; however, as to date it’s not yet in the can.

Content Over View: Austin Goh, Wing Combat Basics


    • Purpose of Free Sparing training
    • Demonstration of Combat sparring with Senior Students


    • Hands/feet
    • Arms and Legs toughening – Chao Sao
    • Kicks to the Back
    • Kicks to the Upper Thigh
    • Overall Body conditioning techniques

Speed Training

    • Front Punch with padded large gloves
    • Back Fist
    • Upper Cut
    • Elbow

Speed Kicking

    • Double slap kick with padded large glove
    • Double Groin Kick
    • Double Slide kick

Power Training

    • Front kick
    • Slap Kick
    • Push Kick
    • Groin Kick

Basic Techniques – Defense and Attack

    • Bong Sao block
    • Pac Sao Block
    • Tan Sao Block
    • Tan Sao Block
    • Gom Sao Block

Basic Techniques – Defense and Attack – Legs

    • Back First Knee block
    • Groin kick/ Back fist
    • Slide kick Defense
    • Standing Kick Defense
    • Slide kick, sweeping kick
    • Kang Sao block and Side kick
    • Pac Sao Block – Side Kick
    • Tan Sao Block – back side kick

Basic Sparring and Defense

    • Tan Sao/Punch
    • Tan Sao/ Pac Sao Punch
    • Bong Sao/back fist
    • Pac Sao/Elbow
    • Pac Sao/Lower Ribs
    • Tan Sao/Pac Sao Punch
    • Double Bong Sao/Lap Sao Punch

Basic Hands and Center Line Punching

    • Demonstrations by students
    • Demonstration by Sifu Goh, with gloves

Free fighting Basics

    • Demonstrations by students
    • Demonstration by Sifu Goh

Interview Sifu Goh

    • Q and A Session