Review of Gary Lam's Making Gwoh Sau Work For You DVD

Date: May 18, 2016

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Review by: Fred Sears
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As usual, the delivery time for this dvd from EWC ("Everything Wing Chun") was exemplary - approximately 3 days from when the order was placed to delivery to me.  When purchased as part of a bundle, substantial savings are possible.

Sifu Gary Lam is recognized worldwide as being one of the foremost authorities on the "Wong Shun Leung" system of Wing Chun having trained under him for 15 years and having been the head instructor at Sifu Wong Shun Leung's Hong Kong school for six years.

This video of Sifu Lam's - "Making Gwoh Sau Work For You" is full of demonstrations of Sifu Lam performing "gwoh sau" - a type of free hands sparring where pretty much anything goes albeit at lighter than full contact and sometimes, but not always, less than full speed between two wing chun practitioners that helps them to develop their wing chun attributes. It has the usual high production value that is familiar to me from Crane's Productions and is about one hour long.

For those in need of a refresher, the dvd starts with Sifu Lam performing the sil lim tao form, in Cantonese, nonetheless (with sub-titles)!  as 80% of the gwoh sau techniques come from this form. Then, Sifu Lam goes through several common positioning mistakes that many wing chun practitioners perform.

Then, Sifu Lam demonstrates many wing chun attacking techniques with extensive explanations using tan sao, fook sao, bong sau, kwan sao, pak sao, toh sau and others with the expertise that Sifu Lam has developed over decades of practice and experience teaching.

This dvd is suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced level students seeking to improve their own deadly and highly efficient attacks that wing chun is famous for.

I am a HUGE fan of Sifu Lam's and it was easy to give this dvd an "A" rating.


About the author: Originally a student of the Moy Yat lineage (through Lee Moy Shan's senior students) I began my ving tsun training in 1984 and now train with a First Generation Yip Man student. Our school sometimes invites Sifus from other lineages to come and train with us as a way to encourage an equal exchange of ideas.