Review of James Keating's Comtech Trapping Vol. 2 DVD

Posted By : coldcat78
Date: May 18, 2016

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Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: May 05, 2011
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Technical Specifications:
Title: Comtech Trapping Vol. 2
DVD Length: 1 hour 19 mins
Region: 0
Type: DVD-R
Format: NTSC
Video Quality: Average
Audio Quality: 3/5 (Average)

What It's About:
This DVD is a continuation of James Keating's methods on trapping techniques based on the Wing Chun system.

Content Overview:


  • Introduction
    • A continuation of building on the techniques shown in Volume 1, Basic trapping
    • Tan Sao - Palm up block
    • Jao Sao – Running hand
    • Jut Sao – Jerking hand
    • Bong Sao, Forearm (wing) Block
    • The basis of the above techniques as the foundation for the Pac – Lop hand movements.
  • The Tan Sao hand family of movements.
    • Tan Sao-Chuan Choy
    • Coiling and striking
    • Opening and closing the gates
    • Using the Tan Sao and Pac Sao hand
    • Tan Sao- Pac-Sao and Bil Jee hand
    • Double Tan Sao hand
  • Jao and Jut Sao hands.
    • Jao as a circular movement
    • Jao Sao and Jut Sao, the jerking hand.
    • the Jao Sao, Jut Sao and Chun Choy hand.
    • Coiling disengaging and throwing,
    • The Double Jut Sao
  • Bong Sao hand  
    • The High and low Bong Sao hand.
    • Lop Sao, the grapping hand
    • The Lop Sao drill.
    • The Bong Sao, Lao Sao, Pac Sao hand.
    • The bong Sao against a side kick.
    • Using the Lop Sao and Bong Sao as a breaking arm.
  • Drills for destruction.
    • Hitting at the joints
    • Bil Sao Drill
    • Using the elbow as a tool of destruction.
  • Stepping Patterns
    • Stepping drill right and left side.
    • Using the feet and getting behind
    • Using the feet to sweep the leg.