Review of James Keating's Comtech Trapping Vol. 4 - Art of the Flow DVD

Posted By : coldcat78
Date: May 18, 2016

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Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: May 05, 2011
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Technical Specifications:
Title: Comtech Trapping Vol. 4 - Art of the Flow
DVD Length: 52 mins
Region: 0
Type: DVD-R
Format: NTSC
Video Quality: Average
Audio Quality: 2/5 (Poor)

What It's About:
Presentation of trapping techniques related to James Keating’s, Lap Sao, and Hubud and Chi Sao offensive and defensive fighting matrix.

Mr. Keating presents this DVD on trapping technique from the originals of Chinese Wing Chun and Philippine martial art forms. This would be considered a hallmark of JKD which blends different styles of fighting into one coherent system of defense. He starts off with presenting a blackboard filled with terms and linking arrows pointing to a list of techniques which are attributed to the family of movements such as Lap Sao, Hubud and Chi Sao training. He calls this a matrix. Much of this material was covered in his past DVDs, but this is a new way to look at it. He then goes into demonstrations and Chi Sao.

Content Overview:


  • Introduction
  • The startle response and entry techniques
  • Matrix of movement
  • Demonstrations
    • Startled response
    • Bong Sao – Lop Sao hand
    • Lop Sao w/grapping hand
    • High line
    • Low Line
    • Employing the Hubud hand
    • Using the other persons movement
    • Arm Bars using the elbow
  • Chi Sao
    • Sensitivity
    • The advantage of touching/sticking
    • How it relates to the previous techniques.
    • Going in and staying in.
    • Follow up with kicks and knees.