Review of Sam Chan's Bak Jom Dao DVD

Posted By : T. Taganashi
Date: May 18, 2016

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Review: IWCMAA Ip Man Wing Chun Series: Bak Jom Dao
By: Todd Taganashi

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Quick Review:

“Bak Jom Dao (Eight Chopping Swords) is the most advanced form and highest level in Wing Chun. For many years this form was held in reserve as a secret weapon of the Wing Chun Clan. In modern times it is still held in high regard. Even the most famous Wing Chun Sifu of all time, Great Grandmaster Ip Man, only taught this form to a few select disciples. We are very fortunate that both of his sons, Ip Chun and Ip Ching, were part of that select few. It is through these two men that Master Sam Chan learned to use the deadly double swords of Wing Chun. In Sifu Chan’s Bak Jom Dao video the traditional form is demonstrated and taught in the exact manner in which Great Grandmaster Ip Man practiced this form. One thing that I really like about Sifu Chan is the way he demonstrates each movement slowly and precisely so the student watching the video can actually train along with him as he teaches. The use of multiple filming angles, full view, and close up view also add greatly to the learning process. The end of the video contains the fighting application. During this segment Bak Jom Dao techniques are demonstrated against a wide variety of weapons and it looks as if Sifu Chan and his assistant instructors must have had a great time during the filming. I really enjoyed watching this DVD; aside from my interest in the traditional Bak Jom Dao form and fighting techniques, I found the video to be very entertaining as well."

Technical Review:

  • DVD Length: 60 Minutes
  • Display: NTSC
  • Region: 0
  • Type: DVD
  • Language: English (No Subtitles)
  • Video Quality: High (Professional Production)
  • Audio Quality: High (Professional Production)

Content Review:

1. Introduction

2. Basie Knife Techniques

  • Jo Dao (Chopping Knife)
  • Biu Dao (Thrusting Knife)
  • Lan Dao (Blocking Knife)
  • Kan Dao
  • Quan Dao
  • Fak Dao
  • Tan / Jom Dao
  • Yut Gei Dao
  • Won Jom Dao (Cutting from the Side)
  • Kup Dao
  • Pyk Dao
  • Lap / Jom Dao

3. Bak Jom Dao Form
Demonstrated by Sifu Chan (Including commentary on the main theories and fighting concepts of the Wing Chun Double Knives.)

4. Bak Jom Dao (Section by Section; Side View Close Up and Front View with Footwork).
The Bak Jom Dao form (Eight Chopping Knives) as taught by Sifu Chan and the International Wing Chun Martial Arts Association (IWCMAA) is divided into eight sections to aid the student in learning.

  • Section One; Jom Dao (Movements and Detailed Explanation)
  • Section Two; Biu Dao (Movements and Detailed Explanation)
  • Section Three; Kan Dao (Movements and Detailed Explanation)
  • Section Four; Quan Dao (Movements and Detailed Explanation)
  • Section Five; Fak Dao (Movements and Detailed Explanation)
  • Section Six; Yut Gei Dao
  • Section Seven; Tan Dao
  • Section Eight; Kup Jern Dao

5. Bak Jom Section Dao Form (Side View Slow Speed)

6. Bak Jom Dao Form (Front View Slow Speed)

7. Applications -
Sifu Chan and two of his advanced level instructors demonstrate the fighting techniques of the Wing Chun Bak Jom Dao, the applications used against a variety of weapons, and explains in detail the importance of footwork and body shifting.

  • Bak Jom Dao vs Six Foot Staff
  • Bak Jom Dao vs Broadsword
  • Bak Jom Dao vs Double Broadsword
  • Bak Jom Dao vs Spear