Review of Sam Chan's Bil Gee DVD

Posted By : T. Taganashi
Date: May 18, 2016

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Review: IWCMAA Ip Man Wing Chun Series: Bil Gee
By: Todd Taganashi

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Quick Review:

“Great Grandmaster Ip Man had a saying “Bil Gee does not go out the door” meaning that he only taught this form to his advanced “Closed Door” disciples. Well, the secret is out, and Sifu Sam Chan has shed new light on this high level of Wing Chun training. Sifu Chan pulled no punches with this production and describes in detail all of the most advanced fighting techniques, theories, and concepts of the Wing Chun system. And once again (as usual) Sifu Chan has crammed more info into one DVD than it would seem possible. I personally liked the Chi Sau drills and Bil Gee applications the most. Each drill is demonstrated slowly and with control so that you can actually see the movements and learn them. The Sheung Chi Sau demonstration that he does at the end is also top notch and really shows his high level of skill in the art. All around I would say this is my favorite of the IWCMAA series.”

Technical Review:

  • DVD Length: 45 Minutes
  • Display: NTSC
  • Region: 0
  • Type: DVD
  • Language: English (No Subtitles)
  • Video Quality: High (Professional Production)
  • Audio Quality: High (Professional Production)

Content Review:

1. Introduction

2. Bil Gee Form Demonstrated by Sifu Chan (Front View)

3. Bil Gee Form Demonstrated by Sifu Chan (Side View)

4. Bil Gee Form (Section by Section; Full View and Close-Up View)
The Bil Gee form (Thrusting Fingers) as taught by Sifu Chan and the International Wing Chun Martial Arts Association (IWCMAA) is divided into ten sections to aid the student in learning.

  • Section One (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Two (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Three (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Four (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Five (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Six (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Seven (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Eight (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Nine (Movements and Theory)
  • Section Ten (Movements and Theory)

5. Applications (Regular Speed and Slow Speed)

  • Section One (Fighting Techniques, Theories, and Practice Drills)
  • Section Two (Fighting Techniques, Theories, and Chi Sau Drills)
  • Section Three (Fighting Techniques, Theories, and Chi Sau Drills)
  • Section Four (Fighting Techniques, Theories, and Chi Sau Drills)
  • Section Five (Fighting Techniques, Theories, and Chi Sau Drills)
  • Section Six (Fighting Techniques and Theories)
  • Section Seven (Fighting Techniques, Theories, and Chi Sau Drills)
  • Section Eight (Fighting Techniques)
  • Section Nine (Fighting Techniques, Theories, and Chi Sau Drills)
  • Section Ten (Fighting Techniques)

6. Applying Biu Gee in Chi sao
Sifu Chan demonstrates the techniques of Bil Gee while practicing Chi Sau with one of his advanced instructors.

7. Gung Lik Training

  • Partner Drills
  • Punching with Weights
  • Weighted Hammer Training (to develop wrist strength)
  • Iron Bar Training
  • Iron Ball Training
  • Heavy Bag Training
  • Small Target Training