Bron van Geluk Apeldoorn 'Fu Yuan' Martial Arts

Head Instructor: Douwe Geluk

School Lineage: Unknown/Unassociated

Website: 'Fu Yuan' Bron van Geluk Apeldoorn Tai Chi and Kungfu Wing Chun

Phone: +31651820257

Address 1: Asselsestraat 167

Address 2:

City: Apeldoorn

State/Provience: GE

Country: NL

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more info:

Bron van Geluk Apeldoorn 'Fu Yuan' is a school for Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, How Chuen (Weng Chun Decramer lineage) and Wing Chun (Cukar lineage) Kungfu. The head instructor is Douwe Geluk from Apeldoorn City in the Netherlands. The school gives classes to children and adults and all classes are given by Douwe Geluk. Douwe is an international recognized and known teacher of the Chinese martial arts. Besides kungfu, Douwe has studied Tai Chi very deeply in many styles like: Yang, Wu, Chen, Wudang and Shaolin Rou Quan systems. Douwe also participated in many competitions and won many prizes in different disciplines. Douwe Geluk is given international.seminars in kungfu, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. Everybody is try a free lesson at the Fu Yuan martial arts school in Apeldoorn city in the Netherlands. Martial Arts can enhance your life so try it.out.