Head Instructor: Sídney da Silva Sousa

School Lineage: Unknown/Unassociated


Phone: 6334143395

Address 1: Dom João VI Avenue No. 237 JK Neighborhood

Address 2: above the sports court

City: Araguaína

State/Provience: TO

Country: BR

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more info:

SIKDAKNEI WING CHUN It is a combat Chinese martial art style, which focuses on human mental and physical mental development that came from the combinations of various traditional Chinese martial arts in the era of the Qīng (Ting) dynasty). The name (XIDENI) is used by using a Chinese Mandarin phonetic of the name (Sidney) which does not momentarily represent any particular family of YONG CHUN QUAN. What may seem somewhat informal within the Chinese tradition of Chinese martial art culture and teaching since the failure to present a particular lineage is simply that it did not have a single source for the current level of knowledge within this Chinese system. Making use in many cases of what is offered in video classes, various videos on digital platforms and even informal conversations with masters of various schools, the fact is that the work presented here was recognized and not formed by any private school. , a fact that generates skepticism among the most traditional, which we understand with humility. The XIDENI YONG CHUN QUAN method is nothing new but the expression of a personal way of practicing ancient and beautiful Chinese martial art, but preserving its principles and all its richness of conceptual sophistication, the form of personal expression was born based In the long search within the varied families of YONG CHUN (WING CHUN / VING TSUN) always adding something new that only adds within the evolution of martial artist, what characterizes the XIDENI YONG CHUN QUAN is precisely the fact that always seeking understanding and deepening more and more in all its details of history, health, martiality and philosophy, which may not be the purest authentic within the Chinese vision of self-knowledge making the human being ever better and the world around him.