Ving Tsun Antwerpen

Head Instructor: Chi Fei Leong

School Lineage: (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung

Website: Ving Tsun Antwerpen

Phone: +32477595489

Address 1: Vogelzanglaan

Address 2:

City: Antwerpen

State/Provience: VAN

Country: BE

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more info:

We are a Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu school that provides lessons based on the system devised by Wong Shun Leung (Bruce Lee’s teacher), taught by Philipp Bayer. Ving Tsun is a form of self-defence that teaches us to defend ourselves by attacking or by taking over an attack. The concepts that make up our style ensure that Ving Tsun (which myth has it was invented by a woman) is also ideal for women and less powerful people.