Wayne Wing Chun Kung Fu School

Wayne Wing Chun Kung Fu School

Head Instructor: Wayne Goss

Website: Wayne Wing Chun

Phone: 1-623-742-7102

Address 1: 2406 W. White Spar Road

Address 2:

City: New River

State/Provience: AZ

Country: US

Directions: Try to Map it

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I have trained in Wing Chun since 1976 with SiFu Duncan Leung. I am a guide more than a teacher. I am not an expert, master, or champion. I only strive to be a good Martial Artist.  I have a good understanding of the logic and principles of Wing Chun techniques. The ideal is to start early in life and work intensely as possible while you are at your physical and mental peak, and have few obligations. You can learn much with dedicated practice. Even if you start late in life, you will be amazed at what you can do.

My goal is to help YOU become the best martial artist. I will give you as much information and training methods as you can handle. I want you to be successful and enjoy Wing Chun. 

FOCUS is the purpose, benefit, and method of martial arts training.