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School Name Head Sifu Countrysort descending State City Website Updated date
NY Wing Chun Nicholas A. Gregory United States New York New York City Mar 3, 2012
Chu Wing Chun Bill Dora United States Maryland Germantown Jun 16, 2011
Bay Mountain Wing Tsun Simon Mayer United States California San Francisco Bay Mountain Wing Tsun Jul 9, 2011
Watchful Dragon Kwoon of Chu Sau Leu Wing Chun Kuen Marty Goldberg United States Wisconsin Milwaukee Jun 23, 2011
The Wing Chun Institute Jay Kennedy United States South Carolina Charleston Aug 13, 2018
Romero's Wing Chun Training Center Phillip Romero United States New Mexico Albuquerque Romero's Wing Chun Sep 17, 2011
Ambrose Academy of Wing Chun Do - Livonia Rocco Ambrose United States Michigan Livonia Ambrose Academy of Wing Chun Do - Livonia Jul 10, 2011
Sifu Ben Black's Wing Chun of San Diego Benjamin Black United States California San Diego Sifu Ben Black's Wing Chun of San Diego Jul 9, 2011
The System Wing Chun Gung Fu Bill Graves United States Florida Fleming Island Jan 5, 2012
Wing Chun Boxing Academy Dustan Carroll United States Alabama Owens Cross Roads Feb 11, 2020