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School Name Head Sifu Country State City Website Updated datesort ascending
WING CHUN - BRASIL Carlos Martins Brazil São Paulo São Paulo Aug 24, 2019
The Dragon Institute - Irvine, CA Derrick Mansell United States California Irvine Irvine Kung Fu School Aug 13, 2019
Wing Tsun Arizona Keith Sonnenberg United States Arizona Gilbert Sifu Keith Sonnenberg @ Wing Tsun Arizona Aug 13, 2019
Black Lotus Plum Blossom Pai Louis Williams United States Alabama Athens Aug 5, 2019
International Wu Hsing Chuan Athletic Association Neldo Sacomani Argentina Buenos Aires La Plata Aug 2, 2019
siu lim tao wing chun kung fu Stephan Bataloff France Tarbes siu lim tao wing chun kung fu Jul 10, 2019
Practical Wing Chun Queens Patrick Ng Jul 4, 2019
Boulder Ving Tsun Kung Fu Bryan Pierce Jul 3, 2019
Defense kwoon suisse Salomon N'diaye Switzerland Vaud Lausanne Jun 20, 2019
Chu's Kung Fu Paul Chu (Chu Shi-Tong) 朱經武 United States Texas Bellaire Jun 19, 2019