Natural Wing Chun

Natural Wing Chun

Head Instructor: David Bennett

Website: Natural Wing Chun

Phone: 44-79-5812-5101

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City: Ockbrook

State/Provience: DBY

Country: GB

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Natural Wing Chun promotes a respectful and cooperative rather than competitive environment to enable practitioners to develop as quickly as possible. Promoting respect and cooperation encourages practitioners to control their ego's, which allows a calmer mind and enhanced ability to truly hear the bodies inherent 'internal feedback'. This ability to 'hear' what is happening inside you is an invaluable tool for anyone who wishes to develop and maximise their potential.

Group classes in Wing Chun are held every week in Nottingham and Derby. The headquarters in Derbyshire, where all seminars and workshops are held, is a dedicated studio equipped with all of the equipment and weapons traditionally used in the development of the Wing Chun system including the Wooden Dummy (Mok Yan Jong).