Pacific Coast Wing Chun Institute

Head Instructor: Bill Reny

Pacific Coast Wing Chun Institute
Website: Welcome to the Pacific Coast Wing Chun Institute
Address: 136 & 14A Avenue
City: Surrey
State/Province: BC
Zip: V4A9E7
Country: CA
Phone: 1-604-531-8027
Directions: Map it

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Description & Hours of Operations

Wing Chun is a practical martial art and fighting system that uses physics and scientific principles in order to effectively fight larger and stronger opponents. Wing Chun is all about core fighting skills and practical self-defense. While not a sports oriented martial art such as boxing, MMA or tae kwon do, Wing Chun practice improves one’s core strength, conditioning, balance and coordination.

A traditional Wing Chun training class has a family atmosphere - you work at your own level and pace. The sifu (instructor) will walk around the class and spend one on one time with each student. Later students will partner to practice drills or chi sao (a type of sparring).

Last updated: Jul 10, 2011

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