Günther Röder

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Sifu Günther Röder

Bio Info:

Started 1995 within EWTO (Sifu Oliver König), finished program for 4th technician and left EWTO in 2007. Finished the unarmed and armed WingTsun system with Sifu Franz Herzog (EWTO PG, founder of ARTMA). Was announced in 2011 to the title of Sifu from Sifu Herzog & Sifu Haas. Is currently learning Baguazhang & Taichichuan for a better overall understanding of martial arts - as it´s never a style, but always the practitioner who cares.
  • BCD vs. spear
  • Sifu Günther Röder
  • shield and sword


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Born: Nov 1, 1974

Last updated: May 28, 2015

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