Kai Heldebrandt

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Kai Heldebrandt (贺开)

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Hello and thanks for visiting my bio. Although of humble skill, I have 20+ years' experience in TCMA including also Seven Star Praying Mantis and Songshan Shaolin, and began my teaching career in 2002. I've also dabbled in street-BJJ for ground-proofing and awareness. I'm a second/third generation practitioner in WSLVT. In an endeavor to obtain a comprehensive understanding of Wong Sigung's system, I don't limit my experience to a single first generation teacher's interpretation, since he never named an heir and no one is a carbon copy. Read more
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Rather, I take on board the ideas of various trainers in the WSLVT family which I've found to work optimally. I couldn't care less about fancy uniforms, ranks, certificates, "purity" and so on, as these are all trumped by the efficacy of hard work and real world results, i.e. they aren't what keep your teeth in your mouth. I continue to broaden my experience today to learn and develop further. I currently lead private and semi-private training in Shanghai, China, where I share my understanding of the system. The training group is named aptly Shanghai Ving Tsun.

Last updated: Sep 3, 2015

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