Tips for finding a right instructor

Date: Jun 12, 2021
Youtube comment on how to identify bad Wing Chun sifu

Like most things in the world, elite is rare. I would say in martial arts world, the knowledgeable instructors out of all instructors are about 5% (at most 8%). Which means most "so call masters" teaching some stuffs that won't work.

There are patterns you can spot for you to avoid being cheated:
1) These masters don't teach applications. Even they do, those applications don't function well.
2) Masters don't like to answer to your questions. Or they give you some BS answers which don't really work in reality.
3) You haven't learn anything new or useful in the program you are enrolling in for quite some time (half year or more still doing same drills).
4) In Wing Chun system, if it takes you over 3 years to complete all 3 forms, wooden dummy, knife, pole, stick hands. You should sense your money is being extracted...
5) Your master very seldom to show off his stick hands with others. Even he did, student often able to make contact with your master's face.

In summary, those 95% to 92% bullshido masters will try to "prolong his program to extract money" off the students, for as long as possible. I can share with you, with 1 class per week, you can complete the Wing Chung system in 1 year or less. I am not saying that student which complete the system in 1 year is good at Wing Chun. But go over the system once shouldn't take too long like 5 years or 8 years.

These fake masters are not knowledgeable, so they hate students to ask questions or practical illustration since they don't know the right answer.

However, there are knowledgeable masters out there, but some of them the intention is mostly focus on money.

So good luck my friend, in searching for a right instructor.

Kenny Lee