Wing Chun and Ng Ying Kungfu

Posted By : NgYingWingChun
Date: Jul 12, 2018
Sifu Patrick van Steen

I render Wing Chun Kungfu as one of the most effective systems of Kung Fu. The short and direct techniques straight to the point are very effective. Many martial arts practitioners underestimate the good results you can achieve with Wing Chun. Wing Chun straight line concepts, as the sticky hands ideas are very good for reflexes and development. Besides Wing Chun i also practise and teach another system of Kung Fu. The Five Animal Kung Fu system, also known as Ng Ying Kungfu. This art is teaching the elements of Animals like the: Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Snake and the Dragon. The Ng Ying Kung Fu system also originated in the southern Shaolin Temple of Fukien. Now you see that Wing Chun ofcourse is a system of its own. But in many other systems which originated in the south of China many moves are identical or can traces back to its origins. For me personally i can truly combine both systems and their concepts in my training. In my school: Long Juan Feng Kwoon Apeldoorn i teach the arts sepparately.