WTKEMA Wing Tsun - Practical Selfdefense

Posted By : wtkema
Date: Aug 28, 2020

With "WTKEMA Wing Tsun - Practical Self-Defense" (2nd edition) Sifu Guido Kämmerling presents his seventh, revised publication on the WTKEMA Wing Tsun system in June 2020. In the book, the author clearly explains the aspects of practical self-defense based on the Chinese Wing Tsun system. After presenting and explaining the basic principles and the technical system of WTKEMA Wing Tsun, the author devotes himself in detail to the psychological and strategic aspects under which self-defense in emergency situations is possible and necessary. It shows in a comprehensible way how quickly a harmless (everyday) situation can turn into a serious and threatening situation in which one is forced to defend oneself in order to avert danger to life and damage to one's health. The considerations on technology, psychology and strategy described in detail are then followed by exemplary selected and illustrated situations that can often arise in realistic scenarios "on the street". The author clearly shows that attentive, fast and consistent action and the use of WTKEMA Wing Tsun techniques as an offensive "forward defense" can significantly increase the chances of averting an attack situation, stopping the attacker and avoiding damage to health. Further chapters deal comprehensively with aspects of self-defense and the applicable gun law. With "Practical Self-Defense", Sifu Guido Kämmerling succeeds in creating a textbook that can provide both beginners and martial arts experts with background information about the Wing Tsun technique system, but above all psychological and strategic aspects as well as impulses for their own training in emergency situations. Get more info on Amazon.de (WTKEMA)