How to prevent Cancer - Qigong theory Sifu Garry

Posted By : sifugarry
Date: May 18, 2016
Sifu Garry’s Blog Prevention against Cancer “Tense body, tense Psychology, tense Heart” “Prolonged excesses lead to malignancy’ The above cliques are probably the 2 most important comments to inspire an individual to make life style changes to avoid the onset of disease and sickness as we age. Tense Body, Mind and Heart. With today’s fast paced society, technology and quick fix solutions to today’s problems, our population are regressing further away from Nature than at any other time in our History. The more we walk and relax, the more we get outside and interact with Nature, the more Killer Cells the body produces to fight off Cancer cells from proliferating. As a consequence with Technology, people are becoming more aggressive, impatient, tense, unhappy and lazier. Having a tense body includes stress in the muscles, tendons, joints and bones. We must learn techniques to relax the muscles, tendons and bones. Remember, our blood and oxygen run through our muscles tendons and bones. If those areas are tense, then circulation will be impeded, leading to undernourishment of the cells, tissues and organs. Cancer Germs love a hot, sweaty, dark and angry environment to survive. A cancer cell cannot survive in a rich, happy, oxygenated environment. A cancer cell is anaerobic and a normal cell is aerobic in nature. To experience unimpeded circulation and to increase our circulation our bodies must be happy. The happier our body is, the more abundant blood and oxygen will be, and then the circulation will be unobstructed. Practising medical qigong can assist in eliminating tension from the body, mind and heart. The more we laugh, the happier the body, mind and heart will become. Laughing produces lymphocytes from the thymus gland, which is a very powerful hormone to fight against Cancer germs. To activate this hormone all we have to do is laugh. The happier our mind is, the clearer our mind becomes. The negative emotion of the Heart is sadness and sorrow, so we must fill our Heart with love and happiness. Children laugh over 400 times a day, while Adults only laugh up to 10 times a day. We must practise to be happy. It does not come naturally. Learning to smile makes the difference between spreading endorphins or toxins around the body. Our Internal Organs store negative emotions. Liver – anger Heart – sadness and sorrow Spleen – Pensiveness Lung – Grief Kidney – Fear and anxiety. As is evident, smiling and being happy can and will dispel and balance negative emotions and replace them with positive energy. Practise smiling. How? You must be aware of the state of your psychology all the time and adjust it accordingly. For example, I am driving on the freeway and due to concentrating too much, I notice I am frowning. I say to myself, “smile, smile” and “be happy” “you are going to have a good day today”. Use Positive affirmations. Be happy, uplift your spirit by donating to charity. Through breathings exercises, Medical Qigong training teaches you how to dispel toxins, tension and negative energy from the body and mind, stimulate circulation around the body, and maintain and increase the flexibility of the joints and muscles. A consistent routine of exercises will also keep toxins from proliferating by exercising the Lungs and dispelling “bad air” from the body, muscles, tendons and brain. Excesses lead to Malignancy Drink a bottle of Whiskey every day and you will probably die of Liver disease or Cancer. Eat excessive fatty foods and become Obese generally leads to Diabetes, high blood pressure and Heart disease. Overwork can also lead to excessive stress and then the family structure can break down, leading to arguments and disharmony. The destruction of one internal organ leads to the demise of another. Kidney promotes the Liver Liver promotes the Heart Heart promotes the Spleen Spleen promotes the Lung Lung promotes the Kidney We must learn to keep the energy of our Internal Organs happy, abundant and balanced. Colours of the Internal Organs Heart – Red Spleen – Yellow Lung – White Kidney – Black Liver – Green Incorporating the 5 colours of Nature into your cooking will help to nourish the Organs and create a happy environment. A breakdown of our DNA OR Damaged DNA in a Cell will lead to Cancer. We must eat a good balance of vegetables and protein and fibre. We must exercise our Lungs to change the air in our bodies. We must laugh a lot and not dwell. We must learn to “take time out” and relax or meditate. Stay happy, stay young at heart and do not get too serious about life. Attitude is as important as genetics to maintain a long, happy life with good quality of living. Stillness leads to stagnation. Movement is essential to life. sifu garrys facebook wall sifu lindas wing chun manual sifu lindas facebook wall sifu garry wing chun kung fu wing chun kung fu for children medical qigong sifu garry sifu linda sports coaching courses in melbourne