The master and the disciple

Posted By : Erasmo Deterra
Date: May 18, 2016
"The disciple chooses the master or the master chooses the disciple. The meeting takes place at the right time at right place. " - Erasmo Detera. The path Iguape My initiation into the art of Wing Chun with Master Lo Siu Chung, was not by chance. It happened at the right time with the right person. It was written in the line of fate, had to be. In one of the countless times next to the master, when we went to Iguape, I experienced what we call Life Kung Fu. It was January 12, 1998. The route between Sao Paulo and Iguape, my teacher and I talked a lot about different subjects. We talked about the local landscape, climate, on the quiet life in inner cities, like Iguape. On the way, I always wanted to know more about his life, his apprenticeship with his master Wong Wai Chung, as was her life in China etc.. Between one and another answer him, my master, asking questions about my life in Bahia. It was an exchange of experience, knowledge. We talked about the medicinal herbs and their uses. According to Master Lo, virtually all existing plants in China can be found here, in Brazil. Be sure to ask about the dog meat. The master took, and also spoke about other meats, such as the horse meat. The teacher explained that the flesh of horses and dogs are energetic, very strong. Also stated that the dogs are used to slaughter bred, handled and eaten, as are treated pigs and other animals here in the West. They need to be healthy, well cared for before slaughter. So I got to understand that everything is a matter of culture, custom. We also talked about Chinese weapons, especially on machetes and sticks. Here and there the master interrupted me and said, 'You came here to train. Even if you have to do other activities, train in the first place! '. Since coming to Iguape, the master said he would introduce me to his friend, Mr.. Wong. Mr. Wong is the owner of the restaurant Ton Fon - East Wind in Chinese. We arrived at the restaurant. After a few honks, the man came to serve us. After exchanging greetings in Chinese, master Lo introduced me to his friend, telling him that I was his student, and lived in Bahia. Master Lo and his friend Wong talked enough, - always in Chinese. Perhaps putting the news in days. They were relaxed, happy. Master Lo told me to speak in Chinese, their natural language, it was easier, allowing them more naturally, certain expressions, as well as being an appropriate time not to let die, or rust the Chinese language. Reaching Iguape We stopped in front of the beach house of the master. I would stay there alone. We entered. Master Lo opened doors and windows. All lights in the house and the stove burners were lit. In the kitchen, all the taps were turned on, the water ran for a few seconds. After observing the ritual, the master asked about its meaning. In response, he told me that served "to renew the air to circulate energy, giving life to the environment '. After circulating the energy throughout the house, we left a little. We were walking around town. The teacher talked about the old houses. Occasionally a new plant was shown to me, their mode of action and therapeutic use. There I experienced life Kung Fu. I've known him since 1987, but that moment was odd, unique, different. I felt I was no longer any one student, my closeness, our bonds were short. Happened there the true bond between master and disciple. Circulated in me a feeling of pleasure, well-being. Of happiness. In expressing my feelings, the teacher told me that 'there is a time for everything, a certain time, some one else.' And that's where everything is proved: my encounter with Master Lo Siu Chung was not by chance, without knowing I had found my master, who would guide me in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. I felt it when I first met, but only at that moment I was proven. My meeting with Master Lo was not an accident, was on the line of destiny. It had to. "The disciple chooses the master or the master chooses the disciple. The meeting takes place at the right time at right place. " - Erasmo Deterra.