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Common Name Bio (continued on main profile page) Lineage Last Updatedsort ascending
Nguyen Te Cong (Yuen Chai Wan) Nguyen Te Cong (Yuen Chai Wan) In 1939, Master Nguyen Te Cong fled to Viet-Nam, since then, he became the founding father (Su-to) of Vietnam WingChun branch.  From 1939 to 1954, Su... Read more Other - Not Listed (Email Admin to add) Nov 20, 2016
Ng Chung Sow Ng Chung Sow was Chan Wah Sun's main disciple and mainly the one responsible for teaching Yip Man.Please login or register, then hit the "edit" tab... Read more (Chan Wah Shun) Ng Chung Sow Nov 20, 2016
Ngok Jin-Fen & Pan Chao We have no Info on these Sifus. Please login or register, then hit the "edit" tab on this page to add information! This site relies on you to help... Read more (Yuen Kay San) Sum Nung Nov 20, 2016
Ngo Lui-Kay Ngo Lui-Kay Ngo Lui-Kay (Ao Leiqi) was born in Hong Kong in 1934 but moved to the Mainland in the early 1950s to attend university outside Beijing. After... Read more (Yuen Kay San) Sum Nung Nov 20, 2016
Lindley "Lin" Nyberg Lindley "Lin" Nyberg My martial arts formal training with Chinese sifus includes Tai Chi Chuan and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. I teach traditional Wing Chun as taught to me... Read more (Ip Man) Leung Sheung Nov 20, 2016
Philip Nearing Philip Nearing An internationally renowned martial arts instructor for more than 20 years, Master Philip Nearing began his study of Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1983 with... Read more (Ip Man) Ip Chun Nov 20, 2016
K. P. Nataraj K. P. Nataraj SiFu: K.P.Nataraj, founder of Yaolan Kungfu School was born in Kallara, Kottayam district of Kerala State, India , Asia . His father was a... Read more (Ip Man) Ip Ching Nov 20, 2016
Augustin Ngu Augustin Ngu Master Augustin Ngu is currently the president of the Canadian International Kuoshu and Wushu Federation, president of the Shaolin White Crane Kung... Read more (Ip Man) Moy Yat Nov 20, 2016
Ng Chun-Hong 吳振康 Ng Chun-Hong 吳振康 It was during the late 1950's that Sifu NG Chun-hong was first exposed to the Kung Fu style of Wing Chun.  As a boy growing up in Hong Kong's... Read more (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung Nov 20, 2016
Angelo Nardo Angelo Nardo Actually (since 2000) I am Head-Instructor for the Italian Wing Chun Association. (Ip Man) William Cheung Nov 20, 2016


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