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Common Name Bio (continued on main profile page) Lineage Last Updatedsort ascending
Sven Scheffen, Philipp Bayer Sven Scheffen Started Ving Tsun training in 1994. Currently representing the VTKFAE in Greece. He runs 3 schools now. Contact possibility: HQ: Monis Gonias 47,... Read more (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung Nov 20, 2016
Hani Sabbagh Hani Sabbagh Hani Sabbagh met Philipp Bayer in Germany in 2004 and started to study Wong Shun Leung style. He now runs the school of Liege, Belgium, and studies... Read more (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung Nov 20, 2016
Desmond Spencer Desmond Spencer Student of Philipp Bayers since 1997.  Runs the UK branch of the VTFKAE.Please login or register, then hit the "edit" tab on this page to add... Read more (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung Nov 20, 2016
John Smith, David Peterson John Smith John Smith has been learning the Ving Tsun system since 1985. It was not until 1989 that John had the chance to do some training with David Peterson... Read more (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung Nov 20, 2016
Ray Solomon Ray Solomon Senior instructor and disciple of Sifu Ian Protheroe. Overseas Protheroe's Wing Chun organization in New Zealand. over 15 years experience.Please... Read more (Ip Man) William Cheung Nov 20, 2016
Denis Shink Denis Shink Trained with Ma Yuk Ping (Paul Ma) publicly from '75 - '83, then lived with Ma Yuk Ping  -'86, and later 2 more years. The only student of this... Read more (Ip Man) Tam Lai Nov 20, 2016
Dale Steigerwald Dale Steigerwald Sifu Dale Steigerwald began his study of Ving Tsun Kung Fu in 1996 under the instruction of Sifu Dino Rhelos.  While training under Sifu Dino, he... Read more (Ip Man) Moy Yat Nov 20, 2016
Ricardo "Qaasen" Sealy Ricardo "Qaasen" Sealy Sifu Qaasen teaches Ving Tsun Kung Fu to a small group of students in Barbados. He currently runs the "Barbados-China Friendship Association" in... Read more (Ip Man) Moy Yat Nov 20, 2016
Damon S. Kingston I first started learning Wing Chun back in 2000. I was a long distant student of Sifu Benny Meng for one year. I mostly learned Wing Chun thru home... Read more (Ip Man) Moy Yat Nov 20, 2016
Mark Stapleton International Taijiquan & Shaolin Wushu Association Kilkenny Scouts and Girl Guides Den, Bennetts Bridge Road, Kilkenny, Ireland 00353 876102588... Read more (Ip Man) Lun Gai Nov 20, 2016


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