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  • Years in Wing Chun : 4
  • Is a Sifu: No

about me

sifu 趙準's former is 李旼錫. sifu 趙準 is Korean(South Korea). In South Korea, There is no many academy for wingchun. so he went to hong kong to learn wingchun kungfu. he learned it from sifu Ip chun for a moment. And he come back to Korea(South Korea). He learned wingchun from some korean sifus. But his main sifu is sifu Ip chun. and he learned it from internet video which made by sifu Ip chun, Ipman, Samuel Kwok. He is now sifu in South Korea, Busan and Seoul. In Korea where wingchun is not widely popular, he is doing all he can to distribute wingchun to Korea. His school is 趙準詠春拳(釜山). Sifu 趙準 hopes that not only 趙準 but also all of you will pay a lot of attention to the distribution of Korean wingchun kungfu. Thank you. But please pay attention for Korean wingchun.

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