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Mário Braz Silva

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Mário Silva

  • Years in Wing Chun : 25
  • Is a Sifu: Yes

about me

My name is Mário Braz Silva, I´m from Azores islands, Portugal. Since my young age i´m interested in martial arts, specially chinese martial arts. I ´m disciple of Sifu Samuel Kwok of Ip Man Wing Chun and disciple of Sifu Lai Wah Chun (Teddy Lai) in Chow Gar Praying Mantis Kung fu (tang Lang gong fu). I´m chief instructor ( Sifu) of Associação Ip Man Wing Chun Portugal and representative of Sifu Samuel Kwok in Azores Portugal. In our Association we study and teach, Ip Man Wing Chun, Qi Gong, Chin Na, Kali, weapons.

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