Innovative Wing Chun (FL)

Innovative Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Armando Sainz

Website: Innovative Wing Chun

Phone: 828-216-2927

Address 1: 8530 Burkhall St

Address 2:

City: Jacksonville

State/Provience: FL

Country: US

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Sifu Armando Sainz provides private self-defense instruction in his Innovative Wing Chun martial arts training system in Jacksonville, Florida two weekends a month when he flies in to teach his students there. Armando is based in Franklin, North Carolina. He also teaches there regularly.

Innovative Wing Chun is an up-to-date reality based self-defense system that will enable you to add more layers of protection than ever before, while you learn substantial skills much quicker than in any traditional martial art or group setting. Armando has successfully produced many high level practitioners and more importantly, survivors of real life violent conflicts.

The Innovative Wing Chun system seamlessly assimilates western, Renaissance period Bare-Knuckle Pugilism knowledge, ancient Tai Chi Chuan principals, concept based Counter-Grappling, compatible Modern Weapons and Real Scenario Self-Defense into an optimized Wing Chun Kung Fu system. These special skills are not only an equalizer in a self-defense situation, but a maximizer even if the attacker himself is highly skilled. This is where ancient martial arts knowledge and modern self-defense insight come together.