Armando Sainz

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Armando Sainz

Bio Info:

Sifu Armando Sainz is a professional martial artist and master instructor. He started martial arts in 1979 and earned a black belt in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan karate and Hapkido self-defense under his earliest instructor, Master Robert E. Beaudoin (Seventh Dan). Master Beaudoin earned his black belt under Jae Chul Shin, along with Chuck Norris, while in Korea in 1962-63. 

 Armando began teaching regularly for Mr. Beaudoin around 1982 when he earned his black belt. He attended and trained in several of the seminars and workshops hosted by Mr. Beaudoin with teachers like Hyun Chul Hwang, Kun Tao Grandmaster Joe Rossi and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. As time went by Armando studied several martial arts including Bare-Knuckle Boxing, Modern Boxing, Kodenkan Ju-Jitsu, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Dim Mak, Chin-Na, Iron Palm, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing and Filipino knife and stick fighting. He has also trained with firearms on a regular basis and is licensed. Read more

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Armando's Wing Chun training began in Sifu Bill Graves' public classes but then he became a predominantly private student when Graves closed the doors to his school culminating in 12 years of solid training. Armando was officially certified a full instructor (Sifu) of Wing Chun in 1999 and was the first to complete Graves' entire Wing Chun curriculum. Although Armando is not Graves' oldest student, he is the most skilled student among his peers to this day. Armando also trained frequently through the years with legendary Wing Chun master, Karl Godwin and hosted several seminars for him. Karl is arguably the best Wing Chun master of his time. Armando has been immensely influenced by Karl's spearhead approach and groundbreaking work in Wing Chun's development. In addition, Armando has traveled periodically to San Francisco to train with Kenneth Chung, Ben Der and Jack Ling during Ken's yearly five day seminars. Armando's Wing Chun lineage goes back directly to celebrated Grandmaster Ip Man.  Armando was also a private student of Sifu Frank J. Paolillo and trained in Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, Chen Pao Choi (Cannon Fist), silk reeling-spiraling power Chi Kung (Chan Ssu Chin), Dragon Ba Gua Zhang, Tao Style and the classic Shantung weapons of China. Sifu Paolillo was instrumental in Armando's martial arts development. Paolillo always encouraged him to make whatever he learned his own and to never be limited by men's traditions. Sifu Paolillo was a senior student of world famous Grandmaster Poi Chan, and also trained under Internal Martial Arts Masters; Kay Chi Leung, Li En Jiu, Zhang Xia Xin, and Hing Lun Kwan.

Born: Jun 11, 1966

Last updated: Sep 3, 2015

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