Benno L. Westra

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Benno L. Westra

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Started his YC training in 1998 and finished the unarmed and armed Leung Ting system as it was taught at that time in 2002 (for credentials; contact the UCT™) .

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After training in the Leung Ting system Sifu Benno went on to train with several Kungfu/Wing Chun teachers: David Peterson (Wong Shun Leung system), Wong Nim Yi (Mai Gai Wong system) and others. In 2007 Sifu Benno visited GM Wan Kam Leung and decided to learn the Practical Wing Chun of Sifu Wan Kam Leung. Soon after their first meeting Sifu Benno became a private student of GM Wan Kam Leung.

He visits Hong Kong frequently to sharpen his 'Kungfu Tools'.

It is also GM Wan Kam Leung who gave him his Chinese name: Wai Paan Long.

Last updated: Mar 2, 2012

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