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Martial arts have become more and more complex over time, in contrast, I find the simplicity and effectiveness of Wing Chun to be refreshing and  the straight forward strategy enlightening.  Recently highlighted by the series of Yip Man Wing Chun movies, the art has moved into the spotlight once again.  It is true that it is still the most widely trained Kung Fu school or system in the world but since MMA, traditional martial arts have taken a back seat to hype, media buzz and all thing “extreme.” Many traditional arts are finding there way back into the ring and being proven

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effective once again.  Wing Chun in particular, with its straight forward concepts, lack of ridged thinking and its students desire to be strong martial artists has led many to cross train, compete and win in many events from San Diego to England and beyond. I have taught and trained Martial Arts and Fitness to Police, Fireman, Security guards, bouncers, the MCMAP (Marine Corps martial arts program) and to everyday people looking for balance, fitness, protection and mastery in their lives. My credentials include being a veteran of the 82d Airborne Infantry, a certified personal trainer, a AKC (American Kettlebell Coach) and a licensed Acupuncturist. I have been a Kung Fu instructor since 2001, and have many years of BJJ and MMA crosstraining. I am a disciple of Sifu Robert Chu in martial arts and Chinese medicine.  As his disciple I have learned and relearned every aspect of the Wing Chun system in group classes, private trainings and as an assistant instructor at his seminars.  This enables me to teach to a wide variety of people. My teaching style is simple clear and straightforward. I have a direct personable way of teaching that is motivational but non-threatening and I have a strong appeal to a wide variety of clients and students. I encourage everyone to experience a group class or private lesson.

Last updated: Jan 7, 2012

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