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Derek M. Rozanski aka VingDragon 2011

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His international authorizations have included instruction from Master Andreas Hoffmann and additional certification by GrandMaster Cheng Kwong from Hong Kong, who is a founder of Ving Tsun & Dragon Style Chinese Martial Arts Association. He was student of Andreas Hoffmann but after years he left his organization to become an independent Weng Chun practitioner. In 1991 he received Master degree level in Cheng Kwong's Ving Tsun style and after that he graduated to become his student.

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  • Derek M Rozanski aka VingDragon 1998
  • Derek M Rozanski aka VingDragon 1998


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As independent practitioner he was able to gain his knowledge in Shaolin(Siu Lam)Weng Chun style from Chu family from late Sifu Ignatius Siu as well from Tang family from Sifu Michael Tang and Sifu Vincent Tso. Sifu Derek Rozanski lives in USA where he teaches both styles: Cheng Kwong's Ving Tsun & Shaolin Weng Chun under name of his International VingDragon Club. Cheng Kwong's Ving Tsun Program: - Siu Lim Tao - Chum Kiu - Biu Tse - Wooden Dummy - Long Pole - Double Knives Shaolin Weng Chun Program: - Weng Chun Kuen (Tang family version) - Saam Bai Fut (Lo family version) - Chong Kuen (Tung family version) additionally: - Wooden Dummy Heaven (Chu,Lo,Tang version) - Long Pole 6 1/2 (Tang Yik's version)

Last updated: Nov 10, 2011

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