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Mark Lee Pringle

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Mark Lee Pringle's Traditional Kung-Fu Studio is located at 527 Powers ave. in Girard,Ohio 44420. ph.# 330-545-2720 (24hr. ans. service) Coach Li Ma-Keh,(Mark's Chinese name) has been training in Chinese martial arts for 38 years,(as of this year 2010). His school is very involved with the local Chinese communities, performing Lion-Dance , Dragon-Dance and Kung-Fu demos.' for Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival.

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Si-Fu Mark teaches a wide variety of Southern ,Northern, Internal & External styles of Kung-fu, including; Yang,Sun,Chen styles Tai-Chi Chwen, 5-Animals strength training, 20 different Chinese weapons, Wing-Chun Sil Lum Do form, Praying Mantis form, Drunken form, Monkey boxing, Ba-Gua Zhang, Hsing-Yi Chwen, Plum-Flower Poles training, & various forms of Chi-Gung as a small example of his, over 275 form training experience. Si-Fu Mark has a very important linage through Master Gracenin and Si-Gung Bow-Sim Mark. The Fu family style Internal arts have been passed down from GrandMaster Fu Zhen-Song to his son Fu Wing-Fai , then to Si-Gung Mark then Master Gracenin. I am very privileged to be able to pass this family style on to my students! Si-Fu Mark's Kung-Fu/Wu-Shu linage is; 1972 to 1979 Si-Fu John R. Allen/Master Feeman Ong in Tallmadge,OH., 1980 to 1981 Coach Jimmy Yee Wing-Chun in Chicago's Chinatown Athletic Assct., 1992,(year of the Monkey) to present Master Nick Gracenin Sharon,PA.(indoor student) Si-Fu Mark has also been on many training seminars with various Masters including; Si-Gung Bow Sim Mark, Master He Wei Chi, Master Tsai, Master Victor Fu, Master Daniel Weng, and the late' Madame Wang Ju-Rong, Master Brendan Lai, & GrandMaster Chang Dong-Sheng. Plus, Si-Fu Mark has studied with Prof. Peter Wang and his wife Dr. Rose Wang at the Chinese-American Culture Institute in Mayfield Hgts.' from 1974 to 1978 for Chinese Language, Wu-style Tai-Chi and Acupuncture, as well as seminars with Dr. Susan Deng at the Asia Plaza and Dr. Fung in Baltimore for Acupuncture. Si-Fu Mark continued his Chinese language studies with Chi Xiu-Hwai in PA., and now with teacher Xiao-Bo in Boardman,OH. Si-Fu Mark's Kung-Fu school is available for demos.' and Seminars in Lion-Dance, Dragon-Dance, Kung-Fu/Tai-Chi and Chinese language. Please contact him at; ph.# 330-545-2720 or e-mail him at: 'duo syeh Ni',(Thank You) Coach Mark also teaches Tai-Chi classes at Youngstown State University! He has been the Tai-Chi Coach there for the last 12 years. Coach Mark began teaching classes at Beeghly,...he now teaches in the new Andrews' Wellness Center on Campus! FREE for Y.S.U. students!

Last updated: Nov 11, 2011

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