Maurice Novoa

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Bio Info:

Sifu Maurice Novoa first practiced Judo at age 8 and enjoyed wrestling until the present, then trained Karate till age 14 until 1992 becoming a full time student of Wing Chun in Flinders St Melbourne where he became friends in and outside the academy with now fellow Sifu Joe Sayah. Sifu Garry & Linda Baniecki became well known to Maurice as very passionate Wing Chun practitioners. Sifu Maurice trained full time 12 lessons per week for nearly 2 years before grading to level 3 which permitted him to train in the senior classes, in 1997 level 5 was achieved. Read more
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  • With Master Sifu Anthony Arnett
  • AMAC tournament in Melbourne with Sifu Maurice's Students
  • Sifu Maurice &his students @Loong Fu Pai tournament run by Grandmaster Terry Lim
  • First place winners in Gainsville tournamen March 2013
  • Performing a Larp Sao in a tournament
  • Sifu Maurice in AMAC tournamnet black belt final
  • Sifu sidekick in tournament 2014
  • Sifu Maurice front kick then side kick (double kick as in chum kui form)
  • Sifu Maurice Front kick to ribs tournament 2014
  • Sifu round kick tournament 2014
  • Sifu with loyal students at Melbourne Kwoon
  • Sifu in AMAC tournament with strong fron kick

Bio (con't)

Training with various different Wing Chun instructors followed until finally grading level 10 gold sash in Wing Chun and black sash in Arnett Sport Kung Fu Jacksonville USA in 2013. In 2012 Sifu Maurice started his own Wing Chun school independently until becoming affiliated to Master Sifu Anthony Arnett's Academy.

Born: Mar 22, 1974

Last updated: Apr 11, 2015

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