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Gould has 16 years of martial arts training in various disciplines of Chinese Kung Fu.  Fifteen years were under the expert tutelage and guidance of Master Augustin Ngu.  He has earned the black sash level in Wing Chun Kung Fu and is the Head instructor of the Wing Chun Kung Fu program in the Cambridge branch of All Masters Martial Arts Centre.  His Northern Shaolin Kung Fu training includes Cha-Chuan and Chin-Na.  Sifu Robert maintains a level 6 Qualified Coach Degree (Master Level), as conferred by the Confederation of Chinese Wushu Organizations, CCWO.

Most recent accomplishments include being recognized as the Grand-Champion of the Wing Chun Division at the 2003 Canadian Wushu Kung Fu Challenge, with 2 Gold & 2 Silver medals.  He was also the National Wing Chun Champion of the 2003 Canadian National Traditional Wushu Team Trials, with one Gold & one Silver medal.  As an athlete on the Canadian Traditional Wushu Team, he represented Canada at the First World Traditional Wushu Festival in Zheng Zhou, China in October-2004.  He received a Silver Medal for his Mook Yan Jong performance, and a Bronze Medal for performing Biu Je.  He also volunteers as a Judge/Official at the Annual Canadian Wushu Kung Fu Challenges.

Last updated: Mar 3, 2012

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