S3VT MYJ / Wooden Dummy Set : Ving Tsun / Wing Chun

By : S3VT
On: Fri, 2015-09-11 07:49
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This is the appropriate tempo and energy that the MYJ should be played to withdraw the most feedback from the dummy with regards to Structure, Angle, Distance, Timing, and Energy. That when played properly, the tone of the dummy will provide positive feedback when it resonates with one cohesive and connected sound. And that the energy returned from the dummy should be shared through the entirety of one's structural connections and mechanics. They key to maximizing MYJ/Wooden Dummy training? INDIVIDUALIZE each action. One action at a time with a focus on the components that make that action come to life. Each section is formatted with a sequence for flow and continuity NOT as a series of potential attack or fighting scenarios. A slight addition and modification to the set. Can you catch them? At the end of Section 4 : Poi Pai Jeung, the inclusion of Seung Jing Jeung/Double Vert Palms at the end of the section adopted from the end of the third section of Chum Kiu. In Section 5 : Soh Sau/Gum Sau the angle of the kick is at 60 degrees rather than 90. The wooden dummy set varies from person to person, experience to experience. At the end of the day, not really all that important. What is important is the commitment to understanding how to work with this essential tool consistent with #WSLVT concepts, structures, actions, and practical applications. The settings on my dummy have been modified to suit a personal training criteria. The tracks/slats are cut shorter to offer greater resistance than elasticity to adequately reflect larger body types and mass. This provides a greater connectivity and activation from the base and hips through to the elbow connections. And that the stoppers have not been placed on the tracks to provide the feedback that energies are directed to the core and not sideways. To the centre, the dummy will reverberate. To the side, the dummy will slide. The Mook Yan Jong should work with you and for you. For more clips, content, and updates check in with our FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/S3VTWSLVT S3VT : System / Science / Skills Ving Tsun WSLVT of Toronto, Canada