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  • Years in Wing Chun : 24
  • Is a Sifu: Yes

about me

24 years ago, I started Wing Chun. Today, I'm honored to be one of a few sifus in the world trusted for both my practical knowledge and ability to apply. How? Obsession. Single-minded obsession. Like many, I wanted to be the very best at what I did. But I think the difference is that I don’t get distracted by flashy things. Instead, practicality and efficiency became everything for me. I made sure to work my ass off on high quality Wing Chun - an art that doesn’t deliver the cheers of a crowd. And because of that single-minded dedication over the years, I simply started to become really good at it. Since then, I’ve been able to help thousands of people through my passion with Wing Chun. My school (The Dragon Institute) has been recognized several years in a row as the very best in both the city and the county. My online lessons ( ) help beginners to see how Wing Chun can be simple, direct and effective for them. My newsletter "Learn Wing Chun" ( has been followed by thousands including some of the most famous martial artists in the world today.

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