Clark Tang

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Sifu Clark Tang

Bio Info:

Sifu Clark is a certified Wing Chun Gungfu Instructor by Grandmaster Ip Man's lineage.  Sifu Clark was trained and studied other martial arts systems before discovering Wing Chun Gungfu, such as Kickboxing, American Kenpo Karate, Tai Kwon Do, and Tai Chi; however, Wing Chun Gungfu won Sifu Clark's heart and soul.  Sifu Clark's goal is to pass the art of Wing Chun Gungfu to whoever loves and wants to learn.

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Bio (con't)

In the future, Sifu Clark's vision is to build a home for WING CHUN TEMPLE, where students and other people, who are interested in the art, can learn, cultivate, and explore the Wing Chun Gungfu System with endless possibilities...

Peace and Blessing,

Sifu Clark

Born: Dec 23, 1968

Last updated: Sep 3, 2015

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