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Sify Joseph Cowels Personal Student of Bruce Lee

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Joe Cowles first met Sijo Lee in 1960 and continued to train with him until Lee departed for Oakland. He worked for the post office all his life and recently retired to Oregon with his new wife. A former member of the JKD Society, Cowles has always been a well respected student of Bruce Lee who created his own version of Jun Fan Gung Fu called Wu Wei. Cowles sole inheritor to his art is Eyal Koren of Israel who trains different sectors of the military in his art. Cowles has trained such notable JKD men as Lamar Davis II, Gary Dill, Joe Purcell, Mike Henry and many more. Read more


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Joe Cowles first started training with Bruce Lee in early 1960. He never imagined that Lee would someday be the most famous martial artist who ever lived. Be that as it may, Cowles was not at all suprised when Bruce became as famous as he did. A retired postal worker, Cowles has stayed true to Bruce's wishes not to commercialize his art of gung fu. Besides practicing Lee's art as it was originally taught to him, he has also added techniques from Jujitsu to form an art he calls "Wu Wei Gung Fu." This martial art has been praised as an effective system of self defense by many martial artists.

Last updated: Oct 12, 2011

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