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SiFu Josh Shaw

Bio Info:

My name is Josh Shaw and I have been learning and training Wing Chun for 2o years under SiFu Duncan Leung. I have also extensively trained in China and recently got back from the movie set of “The Grandmasters” assisting in Wing Chun consultation. SiFu Duncan encouraged me to start my own school. With his consent and blessing I started my own school at Vibe Boxing.

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SiFu Duncan has taught me, and many others, in the way that he learned from SiGung Yip Man and I am teaching the way SiFu Duncan has taught me. The class is run the same way it was when he had a school locally. He is only in town a couple of times a year, but I am sure he will stop in to see what we’re doing and hopefully give feedback in order to keep things on track .

Last updated: Feb 9, 2012

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