Matthias Gruber

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Bio Info:

Matthias Gruber has been studying Wing Chun since 1991, mainly with Grandmaster Keith-R. Kernspecht's Organization. He has developed the Eight Pattern Wing Chun System during his years as a scientist from 1999 to 2011, using some of the methods and knowledge from his research and from other lineages.

History and Development 

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Bio (con't)

The Eight Pattern Wing Chun system ("8PWC") is derived from Leung Jan (via Yip Man) lineages. However, it incorporates an additional set (Jong Kuen) from the Fung Siu Ching (via Yuen Kay-San) lineages into the syllabus. Furthermore, it has a compressed Chi Sau program and a formalized Lat Sau and Double Knives training program and was optimized using techniques known from the fields of computational intelligence and signal processing.

Technical Aspects

Eight Pattern Wing Chun is a distinctive branch of Wing Chun and has its own unique interpretation of the formal training methods (Forms, Chi Sau and Lat Sau) and the Wing Chun mottoes (Kuen Kuit). It is also one of the very few Wing Chun styles to openly show their complete curriculum (including the weapon programs) in their books and through YouTube videos.


  • Siu Nim Tau (The Little Idea)
  • Chum Kiu (The Seeking Bridges) 
  • Biu Tze (The Piercing Fingers) 
  • Jong Kuen (The Stake Fist) 
  • Muk Yan Jong (The Wooden Man) 
  • Sat Jung Gwan (The Weighless Pole) 
  • Mou Seng Dou (The Silent Knives) 


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