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Sifu Michael Sampson has had a long-time love affair with martial arts ever since he began training Karate at his local YMCA at the age of 12. Because his father was in the Military, Sifu Michael Sampson had the opportunity to travel around quite a bit, offering him the luxury of training a variety of martial arts including Taekwondo, Chin Na, and Shaolin Kung Fu. However, it wasn’t until he ended up in Shreveport, Louisiana that he began to delve heavily into the art of Wing Chun. Seven years later Sifu Michael Sampson then found himself in Phoenix training under Sifu Brad Alexander. Read more
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Later he trained under Sifu Richard Sims in Long Beach, California from 2001 until 2005. After more than 30 complete years of training under his belt, Sifu Michael Sampson finally returned back his roots — Savannah, Georgia. Realizing that there was no kung fu school here and wanting to continue his training and his teaching, he simply began his own school. Currently Sifu Michael Sampson is training under Sifu Benny Ming of the Ving Tsun Museum.

Born: Mar 24, 1966

Last updated: Jun 26, 2012

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