Rene Changsut

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Rene Changsut

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Sifu Changsut was intruduced to the Arts as a youngster and has been continuously practicing martial arts for over 30 years. He has studied many arts in that time and continues to practice to this day. He has experienced not only Chinese arts, but has also the arts of Okinawa, Japan and Korea. He has studied the hard styles, and also the soft styles. Among the soft styles he studied Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-I, and Pa-Kua. In the hard styles he has studied Northern Shaolin, Northern Praying Mantis, Wing Chun and other south China systems.

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In Tai Chi Chuan, he has studied the Chen, Wu, and Yang styles. These three styles are different in presentation, but not in principle. Sifu Changsut has traveled all over the world and has been able to practice with many high level practitioners in many different settings. In the Chinese martial arts there is also a tradition of healing that goes along with the ability to inflict damage on another human being. Sifu Changsut is a therapist and has extensive experience in working with adults, especially older adults. He is an expert in Geriatric Exercise Methods and Techniques, and has worked in acute and chronic care. He has found that Tai Chi coupled with western therapeutics can make a powerful combination to keep older adults in optimal functional status. Sifu has worked as a consultant in Adult Fitness, Wellness, Biomechanics , and Ergonomics. He has worked with many high profile corporations to improve the body mechanics in much of their workforce, to assess their work areas and in general to create a better interface between the work and the workers. His in the exercise sciences has helped him develop many fitness and wellness programs for his clients. His specialty area is Adult fitness and Exercise Prescription. Sifu Changsut also has a Masters of Science in Teaching degree with an emphasis on Kinesiology (the art of movement), and Biomechanics (Physics applied to human movement). As a therapist his area of concentration is Therapeutic Exercise especially as it relates to an older population. Sifu Changsut has taught courses at the College and at the University level. He managed the "Running Analysis Laboratory" at Portland State University. He was the graduate student in charge of the "Kinesiotherapy Laboratory" and taught Kinesiology classes at PSU. He was also instrumental in the development of a liason between PSU and the Nike Research Lab. Sifu Changsut has developed advanced expertise on Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Exercise Prescription, Human Performance, Adult Fitness and Martial Arts. The combination of eastern and western methods has been most enlightening. The western principles and teaching methods go hand in hand with the physical, psychological and spiritual disciplines from the Far East.

Last updated: Jan 14, 2012

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