Rene Steininger

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Sifu Lei Li

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Sifu Rene Steininger, also known in Hong Kong under the name Sifu Lei Li (Cantonese name given by Sifu Ip Chun meaning "Thunder Power") started with martial arts as a child. First introduced to Judo by his uncle, who was Judo Master of South Germany, Sifu Lei Li came in contact with Wing Chun as a child in 1985, first studied from books.

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After being studying Wing Chun since 1992 in a Wing Chun school in one-to-one lessons and group lessons 5 times a week until 1996 in Germany, he was formally accepted by Sifu Ip Chun in his private home in Hong Kong in 1996 as direct student and was also teached in private and group lessons up to Baat Cham Dao level, finishing the whole system.

Different to many other teachers, Sifu Lei Li spend since 1996 not only some weeks but several years in Hong Kong, living now in Hong Kong as well as in Germany with his Hong Kong Chinese girlfriend, who is also practising Wing Chun. He participated in the 1st World Ving Tsun Conference in Hong Kong 1999 as well as was the only participant from Germany in the World Guiness Record of Wing Chun 2009 in Hong Kong and was shown in Hong Kong TV. He assisted his Senior Si-Hings in teachings in several public performances in Hong Kong, teachings of Chinese childs as well as elderly and in the Hong Kong Jockey Club and in 2 Hong Kong universities. Sifu Lei Li, who studied Business Adminstration on university(BBA, MBA, Economist) did grow up with Chinese neighbours related to the last Chinese Emperor Pu Yi in Germany and is now one of Germanys leading China Experts, running as CEO a Chinese Consulting Company for seminars, management, law and tax consulting in his main job. He speaks besides English and German also Mandarin Chinese as well as Cantonese. He also studied Chinese and nature medicine for 2 years. Sifu Lei Li was also a close friend of the last descendant of Confucius and head of the Kongzi family, Prof. Kong Teh Cheng from Taiwan, also called the last sage of China, who certified him to teach Chinese culture in western society. He is also connected to several famous Grandmasters of Chan Buddhism in Taiwan. Besides Wing Chun, Sifu Lei Ni is also active in Thaiboxing in Hong Kong and a student of several Thaiboxing masters from Thailand and Hong Kong. He is also an active Marathon runner and finished several marathons in Germany and Hong Kong. Furthermore, he holds a certificate as expert in wilderness survival of one of Englands leading survial schools of the British special forces. He is a certified Sifu under the lineage of Sifu Ip Chun as well as a Permanent member of the Ving Tsun Atheltic Association, Yip Man Martial Arts Accociation, Ip Chun Wing Chun Academy, World Wing Chun Union. Sifu Lei Li is teaching under his own brand name, the Tao Chan Wing Chun Organisation located in Hong Kong and Germany mostly in private lessons or seminars due to his travels between Hong Kong and Germany and accept only a limited amount of students after serious observing them. He keeps a neutral view on all Wing Chun styles following Grandmasters Ip Man rule of being "one family, being united and avoid conflicts" and usually keeps out of Wing Chun politics in generaly but also inside the Ip Chun lineage and tried to keep a low profile in the time between 1996-2012.

Born: Oct 23, 1972

Last updated: Apr 24, 2013

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