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Sifu Ron LePree has had the privilege of training with some very high level and interesting people along his Wing Chun journey thus far. His Sifus include: David Gallaher - Wing Chun/Jun Fan Jeet Koon - Ft. Myers, FL Torsten Lemmerz - Wing Chun Concepts - Bad Hamburg, Germany Darryl Jordon - Moy Yat Wing Chun - Orlando, FL Additionally, SiFu Ron LePree has trained in Hong Kong, where he had the experience of performing a Wing Chun self-defense demo on stage at the Ving Chun Athletic Association World Conference in 2005.

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SiFu Ron LePree had the honor of training, both group and privately, with Sifu Ip Ching (Grandmaster Ip Man's son), Sifu Chan Chee Man, and Master Wu, who were also direct disciples of Ip Man.

Last updated: Dec 1, 2011

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