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Portugal Algarve seminar

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Born April 13, 1986, Jean Laurent discovers martial arts very young at 11 years. He practices tai chi and karate in the cultural center near his home wood medlars (Reunion Island). Soon it will be influenced by Bruce Lee and his mastery of kung fu. During adolécence are various style as he practiced the jeet kune do, wrestling, Thai boxing and boxing French. At 20 he went on the mainland are learning in Lyon. He began the practice of Wing Chun in 2008 with Patrice K. student of Nino Bernardo style WSL. Read more
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Wanting to find the souce he decided to take courses remotely with GRANDMASTER Samuel Kwok. It also APPRI many of these high-ranking students. He teaches actualy in Lyon, France.

Last updated: Jul 6, 2013

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