Nenad Koviljac

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Nenad Koviljac is one of the most talented and promising Wing Chun practitioner and sifu in Serbia and Europe. He has big school under name "Chinese Boxing And Martial Arts Academy Dragon". Many good students and fighters learn from sifu Nenad in this school , who have their own school, such as Sifu Radoslav Curcic, Sifu Svetozar Stolic, Sifu Gombos Goran, Sifu Arsenije Jelovac, Sifu Jelena Zikic, Instructor Nikola Mitrovic, Instructor Todic Nenad and more students...

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Bio (con't)

Nenad Koviljac is Si fu under Grand Master William Cheung's lineage, (master level 5)practising wing chun from 1991. He is from Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia and he is instructor in  Wing Chun Kung Fu Club "DRAGON". Nenad,now, practising Wong Shun Leung system of fighting WSLVT by lineage of Sifu Philipp Bayer, by Sifu Philipp Bayer.

Last updated: Jan 15, 2014

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